Monday, October 24, 2011

The gates of LA

- Sweater from LF Stores, Shoes Matiko Morgandy Wedges - 
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A full day of work and then walking to my car I heard the loudest party noises coming from the alley! Obviously had to check it out and found that there was a movie being filmed where they for sure were pretending to be at an italian wedding! I have also come to a conclusion that what I love most about California weather is the perfect temperature to wear shorts and sweaters with booties! Not to hot or cold...evaaaa!


  1. Love this! Your booties are SUPER chic!!!
    I just followed your blog, it's awesome!

    I would REALLY appreciate it if you checked out mine and followed if you like...thanks!

  2. That last photo is amazing. And your legs go *very* well with shorts! ;) Come to think of it, sometimes, sweaters+shorts+boots is a perfect combination for English weather too... only sometimes though! But hey, I love the diversity :)

  3. love the shoes in particular
    great post
    Always following
    The Dolls Factory

  4. Great look - and amazing shoes!!!