Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jacket Heaven

Living in California now I can only dream of wearing any of these beauties but let the dreaming begin. Here are my top five Fall Jackets. The Wunderkind fur collar and sheep wool bright red coat is an absolute dream and takes the lead just for the fact that it stands out and is still totally timeless. The details are perfect! Those leather buckles are perfectly placed to down play the fringe in the front. LOVE IT! Maybe for a NYC visit? Well I will just keep dreaming of it... that works too. 
Via: Trendland 


  1. The first jacket is amazing, it looks so so elegant <3

  2. Hey Lidiya, yes so elegant that one! Love the details on it. Cute Blog... i followed you on bloglovin.


  3. I currently live in a tropical island and like you, I only dream of wearing jackets like these. I'm not sure either if I will need these in South Africa if I go there next year... Ha ha

    Anyway, I like it, especially #5 Dries Van Noten Rabbit Fur. Also I'm from IFB and following your blog via Bloglovin. Keep up the good work!

    Style is Eternal