Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Images from Pintrest

Suddenly I have a little bit of an urge to travel! Get out discover new cities and places, maybe its because Summer is upon us and way back when, in high school and college summer meant... your free to do what you please. London is a city I actually grew up visiting my Dad in, walks around Regent Street and lusting after the toy department in Harrods and well a couple years later spending hours in Top Shop and Selfridges! I would love a chance to revisit the royal city and experience the fashion and underground style London has to offer a little more. My guide this time, no offense to my Dad cause he was a great tour guide, would be this handy little App called Shopikon! In the mean time I will "mind the gap" and cruise all the shopping areas and boutiques on my phone! Almost the same! 


  1. It's funny that when you live close to London you don't crave to go there in the same way! Wish we could just swap countries for a week - for free - wonder if someone somewhere would sponsor us to do that?!x


  2. Now I have the urge. :)


    1. haha... gotcha! :-) Thanks for reading!