Monday, December 31, 2012


A look back through my favorites, outtakes and never been seen moments in 2012 on TOBRUCK AVE

To say the least I can not be more thankful for the amazing journey Tobruck Ave has taken me on. Its the never ending avenue of excitement and it makes me so excited to think that what inspires me every day is inspiring you as well. This blog is my passion and and my outlet of creativity that I could not even think of living without. Thank you so much for following Tobruck Ave editing this blog has been an incredibly humbling experience and I can not wait to see what this new year has in store. Happy New Year, stay safe, stay healthy, much love and passion for 2013.



Saturday, December 29, 2012


Coat by Wilfred from Aritzia, Leggings from Nastygal (similar here), Gloves from Top Shop (similar here), Scarf from UO, Boots by Timerland

Today was every kids dream, snow day. Waking up to big fluffy flakes and 3 inches white, coating everything you can see it was a perfect winter wonderland all day. I miss winter days like this like this it reminds me of being a kid and getting bundled up in so many clothes you can hardly breath and playing in the snow until your fingers are about to fall off. That is pretty much exactly what I did today. My Dads house in Connecticut is surrounded by nature and is perfect for exploring. This spot by a frozen lake is my favorite and thanks to my Timbo's my feet stayed warm and cozy all day and so did the rest of me...  Stay warm kids!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Jacket from ASOS (similar here), Sweater by Ganni from Charlie and Lee, Jeans by Agave, Beanie from Charlie and Lee, Boots by Matiko

I'm back, after a little blogging break due to to much wine, food, way to cozy couches and a crackling fire place at my dads house. Oh, and a little thing we love so much, Christmas!!! Hope you all enjoyed your families and friends and Santa was good to you this year. Still feeling very festive after an amazing couple days of eating and celebrating we decided to take on Manhattan even with a snowy day in the forecast. Snow is what we got, as soon as we wandered towards to most famous Christmas tree in the world at Rockerfellar plaza wind came up and the blizzard took over. Luckily I was bundled up in my all time favorite ASOS faux fur jacket a scaf and newest addition beanie from Charlie and Lee. We ended a chilly wet afternoon with the Jersey Boys, which I highly recommend if you are ever looking for a Broadway musical night out, its amazing!